Strategic Advocacy Approach

A rainbow of hands, reaching to the sky, representing: Freedom, Trust, Justice, Love, Rule of Law, Peace, Prosperity, Dignity, and Equality

We stand at fore front to Defend Human Rights at risk for all diverse people across Africa and Globally by adopting the International human Rights Solidarity Movement within our advocacy system.

To ensure Equality Rights Africa Organisation is achieve its goals, mission, and vision we set strategic Advocacy Objective that can develop, strengthen and empower our community.

This Advocacy Strategic are five pillars which all form linkage to achieve inclusive social justice. The breakdown of this advocacy pillar is measured, evaluated and mapped through three Human Development Goals.

  1. Advocacy strategy on equality: This strategy involves research of progress made on human rights toward equally gender representation across sector in government, the goal serves at ensuring none is left behind inclusive to all gender norm and according to the adoption of international human rights treaties.
  2. Advocacy strategy on human rights justices: this strategy incorporates strengthening of organizational legal capacity and development human rights advocacy approach, the objective aimed to promote prolonged human rights equality, and integrate justices in a community that’s underrepresented.
  3. Youth Development Advocacy strategy: this advocacy goal serves as path way to organize and connect young people to globally opportunity that can develop their life and community.
  4. Advocacy Strategy for Transgender Rights at Risk: this advocacy objective aimed to sensitize state actors on issue of transgender rights being threaten and violated in the society they live, The goal focuses to eliminate all form transphobic motivated negative stereotype against Transgender, Intersex and Gender none confirming.
  5. Advocacy strategy for Vulnerable Woman Empowerment.

Toward achieving the highlighted Advocacy strategies ERAO prioritize to deliver long lasting solution that is built on the principle of fundamental human rights delivered within the human rights solidarity system. Such as the objective toward the empowerment of vulnerable woman cover diverse aspect that aimed to enforce state actors to serious prioritize ending poverty affecting most vulnerable woman as a threat to human rights.

The three Key Solidarity Human Rights Strengthening Objectives

  • Objective 1: To develop a regional-informed civic rights curriculum that is tailored to empower human rights activists and global south grass root civil society organizations in Africa.
  • Objective 2: To build a sustainable strategic human rights advocacy network led by young activists across the target countries
  • Objective 3: To enhance the capacity and effectiveness of young human rights activists and civil society organizations in target countries through the delivery of grassroot human rights organisation training program covering:
    • Digital campaigning and storytelling
    • Digital and organizational security
    • Online fundraising
    • Public mobilization
    • Creative non-violent action
    • Sexual and reproductive health rights
    • Human rights safety mechanisms
    • Mental health and social selfcare