About ERAO


Equality Rights Africa Organization (ERAO)

To be the leading Justice and human rights organization and global justice defender for the rights of transgender those who face gross discrimination on the grounds of criminalization and addressing all complex legal conflict of human rights concern .

To work towards achieving Transgender Inclusive legal protection and sustainable Gender justice for all trans diverse people .

To advocate for constitutional equal freedom, and justice for transgender and underserved group through lobbying , joint solidarity with Global Action Trans Equality , and by educating and informing relevant regional , international and local institutions as well as governments, media and civil society Organization to fulfill their mandates on UN human rights treaties . To empower our Community members and other human rights Organization in defending and protecting human rights, irrespective of people’s sexual orientation, gender identity and to facilitate long term cooperation and solidarity among ERAO regions and members.

To promote the Safety, and Security of all diverse people and Support of LGBTI people around the globe. 


ERAO’s vision is Africa to be a global peace keeping continent where the human rights of all are respected and where everyone can live , treated equal and enjoy absolute human freedom; a continent of justice  and equity are assured and established regardless of the people’s sexual orientations, gender identities.

Equality Rights Africa Organization (ERAO)

is the grassroot Transgender and diverse marginalized youth focused human rights Civil Society Organization of Africa, that’s resisting against law that are discriminative to the rights of Africa Transgender and amplifying the voice of vulnerable diverse youth . We’re a justice driven and human rights monitor centered solidarity organization and engage in all justice movement for the betterment of all trans ,and Youth .

We promote social justice activism that lead to a realization of all human rights protection .



ERAO is committed to working towards international solidarity and working in co-operation with movements and other sectors that promote constitutional Equality and Social Justice.


ERAO striving to advocate for inclusive social justice, regardless of any individual people’s, characteristics, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex , race, age, disability, economic status, nationality origin, religion and ethnicity; and any historical, cultural and geographical experiences.


ERAO is committed to valuing the diversity of LGBTIQ+ and their communities.


ERAO is committed to value transparency and accountability and its procedures and working environment that assure human civic rights respected and partner , members and international partners, are all hold accountable to promote peace, Justice and strengthen Civic rights liberation movement among community Members, Boards and Staff. 

The Equality Right Africa Organization is grounded on the Seven Principles that govern our staff ,boards members ,community and all who subscribed to ERAO organization mission, vision and values are there to conduct themselves to our seven touching stone principle which is the secrete IIDEAST:

I)      I – Inclusivity
II)     I – Integrity
III)    D – Dignity
IV)    E – Equality
V)     A – Accountability
VI)    S – Solidarity
VII)   T – Transparency

ERAO’S Key Goals: 
  • Safe Guard Environment health and People wellness
  • Manage Accountability Practice
  • Promote Sexual Reproductive Health Rights
  • Provide Civic Rights Promotion and Training
  • Enforce Legal reform
  • Train community human rights defender
  • Provide Emergency Response Services
  • Engage Youth in Economic Empowerment Project
  • Implement Sustainable Development Goals
  • Create open gate for LGBTI Asylum Seeker
  • Provide Social Health Essential Education Program
  • Develop Youth Civic Engaged Dialogue

By ensuring that Africa became a continent in which all transgender, diverse youth should all have equal rights under the law and fully express their human rights without any fear of discrimination, Transphobic and Homophobic from public society. Fair treatment and protection from violence and abuses are things many of our policymaker ,society and community take for granted. Yet about millions of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) People, Justice is far from guaranteed. In the Global South, too many countries retain outdated or repressive Laws, either lagging behind or willfully rejecting international human rights treaties to acknowledge the existing diverse marginalized groups including SOGIESC. Because of this, being a Transgender, Gender non confirming and Intersex it often mean hiding who you’re or risking rejection, discrimination and violence. In some countries being an LGBTI it led to a jail sentences or even the death penalty. Legal reform is urgently needed to protect people’s rights from all acts of injustice and abuse and hold the state’s actors and non state actors accountable to ensure perpetrators of such violations are held to account with justice effectively. That’s why it’s imperative to maintain our human rights safety and Security for all Transgender People in Africa.

ERAO works in the following AU Member countries:

Angola, Morocco, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Mauritius, Senegal, Seychelles, Rwanda, Libya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Somalia, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Madagascar, Kenya, Mali. 

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