Trans Human Rights Advocacy and Capacity Building Training

The human rights of transgender in Africa is at stake as many transgender continue to face gross stigma and discrimination in different form such as in family settings , public gathering, healthcare, education, as a result of this finding urgent action is needed to ensure transgender rights are protected from all form of discrimination and violence. State actors in Africa and policy makers need to take priority intervention that can eliminate all form discrimination of transgender. Building on this findings theirs a need to strengthen Trans human rights advocacy training in broader public domain and increase capacity buildings for transgender grassroots CSOs human rights defender in Africa. This project seek to develop innovative advocacy system , and engage participation of a broader community, key policy stakeholder , government official, judiciary, media, civil society and including political leader in a deliberation agenda to establish a committee focused to eliminate Discrimination against transgender People.

The project shall features dynamic activities for expected outcomes include:

• Enhanced capacity of TG, HRD and CSos.

• Increased awareness of T&I rights and registration in the civil register as third gender

• Improved policy framework and legal provision on the Rights of transgender and intersex person.

The Key Action include

• Consultation as a prerequisite for relevant agenda setting and work planning

• Leveraging inclusive and tolerant voices/entities for the Rights of sexual minorities through HRDS,CSOS and TG

• Build Capacity on UN Human rights mechanisms to promote,respect, support inclusivity for transgender and acceptances of rights of Transgender Intersex community

• Stimulating joint and action learning process to deepen engagement with wider public and private stakeholder and

• Strengthen connectedness with legal officials, government of states in Africa and the ACPR office.

The Training capacity buildings and advocacy aim adress following.

The project will engage with transgender lead organization, human rights defender and grassroots civil society organizations through capacity building, technical support and collaboration that will securing the Rights of transgender and intersex (T&I)person in the target region of Africa and through out selected African countries and including Namibia as the host country

The capacity buildings on grassroots level and among HRDs is particularly important about documentation, monitoring and reporting of case of trans and intersex rights violence and discrimination. Through this project, human rights defender’s and grassroots organization will be able to receive sustainable knowledge, skill, tools and techniques required for working towards the promotion and protection of the Rights of particularly transgender and intersex person – linking them with relevant authorities, facilitating in acquiring justice responding to incidents of violence, discrimination. Particularly grassroots level organization who very often operate in non formal settings and remote area, have limited technical and managerial competencies; will profit from improved capacity buildings in area of legal counseling, communication techniques and provision of support to Transgender community members. Thus HRDs, CSOS will become a resources base that has potential to pave the way toward long-term sustainability of the project intervention. The transgender person themselves will be able to act as catalyst of change for the protection of the rights of their community.

Two 21-days advocacy and capacity buildings workshop held for 15 HRDs and CSOS producing 5 social justice action plan ( SJAP)

The project key objectives is

To develop capacity of human rights defender and CSOS representatives to recognize, assess, document , report and actively respond to incidents and cases of discrimination and violations of the Rights of transgender and intersex person.

For this the capacity building and advocacy training are proposed for HRDs and CSOS on key revelant thematic of human rights mechanisms . Key outcome target of this capacity building plan is to develop advocacy skills among the human rights defender and representatives of grassroots civil society organizations in order to actively engage them in raising voices for the rights of transgender person and intersex. A total of 30 human rights defender and CSOS representatives; 25 female will be identified and selected to become part of this capacity building and advocacy training program.

Output1 . Conduct 18 weeks consultative sessions with HRDs/CSOS representatives: under this program a training and a training resource manual will be developed with covering modules on

• Transgender and intersex rights

• Gender and Sexually identity as fundamental rights

• Advocacy and lobbying skills

• Data gathering, analysis and action planning

• Africa and international legislative framework concerning LGBTIQ rights and

• Use of mobile applications to collect rights violation and discrimination cases.

Output 2: Conduct two 5 days training course for 30 selected transgender and intersex HRDs /CSOs representatives from all 10 target towns in Namibia and 3 each will be conducted. Training will be facilitated by an expert trainer, in addition expert can be invited who drafted the law, human rights monitor and other relevant resources person to facilitate different sessions during the training.

Out Put 3 : As part of capacity building strengthening plan described earlier; group of HRDs /CSOS representatives from each 10 target town, will develop and finalize strategic action plan (SAP

)for their respective town. The SAP will initiate key actions and activities aiming at creating tolerant spaces for public debate to promote the Rights of transgender person, conduct awarness rising session within transgender community and intersex organize capacity building , counseling services and facilitate in acquiring trans and intersex to be recorded civic register as third gender.

Consequently the project field team will assist the trained HRDs /Csos representatives in order to finalize their respective SAP and and consolidated the plan for the district and targeted town levels for the convenience of implementation and follow up.

Although the final shape of each individuals SAP will become evident after the actual development and finalization after training, some of the anticipated action/ activities may include;

• Organizing community level event for awarnes raising on the rights of particularly transgender & intersex person

• Collect and compile cases of trans rights violation over the past 6 months.

• Address impunity and hold governments accountable

• Build Capacity to improve transgender and intersex human rights conditions.

• Monitor and documents transgender and intersex human rights violation at state suctioned transphobic .

The developed training and resource manual with its modules will be utilized to conduct and impart six training sessions, each of 18 days for the human rights defender and civil society representatives.

Timeline 12 month.

Project Framework : invitation bid

Responsible Party: Stakeholder and partner organization

Project Launch: 10 December 2022

Published by Executive Director | ERAO

Jonitta ; Is Transgender Woman living in Namibia , I carry a back ground of 10 years human CIVIC rights working field and LGBTIQ digital Activist, SGBV campaigner. As the Executive Director of Equality Rights Africa Organization (ERAO) I carry dynamic expertise across rage field of social justice, humanitarian , Legal and Human Rights defender. Being independent injustice observer of serious LGBTI human violation targeting woman and LGBTI People in Africa and yet state actors continue deny justice for this community . it mean #EqualityActionNow.

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