What is the Equality Solidarity Fund ?

The Equality Solidarity Funds (ESF) is the UN free and Equal missioned impact crisis response grantmaking Project that designed to provide Small Financial Aid to Diverse Youth,LGBTIQ ,sex worker with SDG -Social innovation Project proposal or concept notes. The priority target is given to group with innovative social impact problem solving, that’s lead by LGBTIQ+ diverse youth living in Extrem Human Rights violation and underlined climate issue. The fund can be also used for amplified purporse , organizational capacity building, solidariy movement, advocacy project, Youth Economic Empowerment, Human Safety and Security Support, Civic Education, SDG Advocacy work, and all Disasters Emergency Support.

The Equality Solidarity Fund Objectives

  • To Empower youth Economically
  • To promote youth inclusivity and equality within SDG target sector
  • To strengthen capacity for innovative Project lead by diverse youth
  • To serve Justice to most economically disadvantage youth across intersectionality
  • To give leadership power to underepresented youth group

Equality Solidarity Funds Expected Outputs

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