ERAO Global Accountability Week Statement

The realization  of accountability practice within the organization operation sector, its provisional mandate that requires  proactive action that can influence leaders who work within csos, grassroot roots development movement  , Association , groups and other leaders from the domain  sector of social impact to effectively integrate  accountability  practice in their system  of operation. 

Our action to Practical Accountability  System’s ERAO has develop mechanisms that will engage members ,stakeholder , partners and donors to openly track accountability practice within organizational  Frontline Managements   (FM) and Executive  Leadership Management (ELM)

These Practical Accountability  Systems  provide the organization  with clearly defined objectives to broaden  the practice of accountability in all ERAO   organizational operation settings .

The objectives to take practical accountability at center our organization operation  serve as shield of protection to the organization’s identity and with purpose to:

• To align our organization with the regional and global CSO’s accountability standards.

• To learn from others  and improve dialogue with other constituents and CSos partners

•  To resist corruption practice  within the all organizational  management system.

• To promote ethical adherence  standards  leadership within external and internal system.

• Outline benchmarks, indicators and set baselines to monitor and evaluate progress over time.

• Develop surveys, questionnaires and mechanisms to track progress .

• To do no harm to the environments, societies , partners, members, stakeholder and donors.

• Develop system for self-regulations and verification,such as self-evaluation,peer review  or eventually certification

• Secure  achievable Justice and Equality in across sectors of organizations .

• Design and improve projects, policies, strategies  and activities.

• Ensure active  adherence to transparency governance in all level of the organization management

• Develop capacity building framework   tools and offer targeted support based on organizational needs.

• Provide accountability  training to members,board and staff to better  understand about the work of CSOs accountability , their role and responsibilities.

• Facilitate dynamic discussions on the protection of enabling human ecosystems.

• Practice annual accountability regular monitoring to hold our organization  actively responsible to maintain accountability standards.

With the use of  advanced technology, expertise ,skills , experience and  knowledge it’s valid for all Civil Society Organization to carry the accountability function at hearts  of the organization operation unlimited , therefore ERAO has pledged  to take stock ensuring that all necessary accountability measurement instruments and tools, resources  are always available to access within ERAO operation sectors.


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