LNOB-Leave No One behind


Leave No one behind (LNOB) is the central, transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It represents the unequivocal commitment of all UN Member States to eradicate poverty in all its forms, end discrimination and exclusion, and reduce the inequalities and vulnerabilities that leave people behind and undermine the potential of individuals and of humanity as a whole.

LNOB not only entails reaching the poorest of the poor but requires combating discrimination and rising inequalities within and amongst countries and their root causes.  A major cause of people being left behind remains the persistent forms of discrimination we know all too well, including gender discrimination, which leaves individuals, families and whole communities marginalized, and excluded. LNOB is grounded in the UN’s normative standards that are foundational principles of the Charter of the United Nations, international human rights law and national legal systems across the world


  • Establish LNOB vulnerable Community Support System
  • Engaging with the LNOB community affected by them problem in our work plan.
  • Developing LNOB community Action Data Driven Approach
  • Initiating Advocacy program focuses on proposing resolution to LNOB community essential needs.
  • Establishing Community LNOB Focus Group in Facilitating the implementation process
  • Conduct LNOB problem roots cause assessment survey
  • Engage wider sector of CSOs for LNOB Partnership
  • Develop Skills capacity for LNOB community grass roots Leaders.
  • Train Youth in LNOB Dynamic Practical Skills for community development
  • Connect Youth to LNOB opportunity that welcome talents, creative learning and atavism.
  • Build partnerships with Academic Institution for LNOB Programming



  • Mobilization
  • Socialization
  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Campaigning 
  • Activism
  • Lobbying



The Principles Activator Strategies Strengthening (PASS)

Is the key element of dynamic standard   principle that we are guided by to enable activate the strategies and to strengthening the leave no one behind commitment.

Our Pass   Guide include 

  • Dynamic Accountability
  • Solidarity
  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Fair share
  • Equality
  • Equity

We have learned to enable us to build this Leave No One behind partnership, we will need to listen diverse voice of community who are left behind.  Therefor we have engaged this community in Our Community Action Data Driven Approach (CADDA)

Our thematic focuses to mobilize to as many CSOs across Africa region to partner with us in the movement Leave No One Behind initiative.

We will also engage with Civil Society Organizations (csos) at global regions and country level through Zoom meeting in LNOBA Partnership Programing at national and regional structure.

We have developed engagement platforms that we can share with individual regional and global invited quest to Our stakeholder LNOB partnership

The International Civil Society Centre will be the host centre in the programing of LNOB partnership, this will allow us to increase broader visibility of the work we are doing in the long run of the LNOB partnership Programing at global level , and also facilitating collective learning and information sharing among regional and global LNOB members. The ISC Centre has been recognised by many global and Africa region stakeholders to have high technical advance resources in providing structured Facilitation and develop framework of collaboration toward strengthening the LNOB Partnership. Using Amplify Trans Voices Radio, program is meaningful ways to engage with key actors on all levels of state sectors for Partnership to enable fostering the inclusion of marginalized communities with aim to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. At the national level we will establish the LNOB Committee that will be responsible for mobilization coordination this will allow to make impact and facilitate improved collaboration between CSOs and CBOs. We also develop joint advocacy efforts that focuses on more tailored action to respond to Transgender needs at the Africa local context.

Strengthening this Partnership helped to build increased SDG Championing Youth Voices to be represented in the UN ECOSOC Youth Program.

Published by Executive Director | ERAO

Jonitta ; Is Transgender Woman living in Namibia , I carry a back ground of 10 years human CIVIC rights working field and LGBTIQ digital Activist, SGBV campaigner. As the Executive Director of Equality Rights Africa Organization (ERAO) I carry dynamic expertise across rage field of social justice, humanitarian , Legal and Human Rights defender. Being independent injustice observer of serious LGBTI human violation targeting woman and LGBTI People in Africa and yet state actors continue deny justice for this community . it mean #EqualityActionNow.

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