What is Community Action Data Driven Approach?

The Community Action Data Driven Aproach is an initiative aimed to accelerate SDG impact through engaging community in Action to collect data in the area that state actor has overtime absent to make sustainable progress and also to facilitate inter connected partnership with key actor, policy maker to ensure no one is left behind . The issue of marginalization , human rights violation, inequalities , poverty, discrimination , abuse of power, corruption has been at forefront of civil society Organization central work of focus yet little progress has been obtained and high escalating human rights challenges continue to emerge as a result of insufficient data .

Published by Executive Director | ERAO

Jonitta ; Is Transgender Woman living in Namibia , I carry a back ground of 10 years human CIVIC rights working field and LGBTIQ digital Activist, SGBV campaigner. As the Executive Director of Equality Rights Africa Organization (ERAO) I carry dynamic expertise across rage field of social justice, humanitarian , Legal and Human Rights defender. Being independent injustice observer of serious LGBTI human violation targeting woman and LGBTI People in Africa and yet state actors continue deny justice for this community . it mean #EqualityActionNow.

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